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What is the application process?
The Market Folk accept new applications and bookings in line with our market seasons below, each season has an opening date. You can book/apply any time on or after this date until approx 2 weeks prior to the last market of the season. This ultimately means that we do not accept bookings more than 3 months in advance, acceptance is a competitive process. Acceptance into one market or season does not guarantee acceptance into future seasons.
Season 1 - Opens January 1st
January - No Markets!, February & March

Season 2 - Opens March 1st
April, May & June

Season 3 - Opens June 1st
July, Aug & Sep

Season 4 - Opens Sep 1st
Oct, Nov & Dec

Marquee Colour?
The Market Folk only accept marquees that are black, white, navy, silver, grey or beige. No bright coloured marquess such as yellow, blue, red, purple etc.

When will I hear back?
We are a small team and therefore our application turnaround time can be up to 14 days. We make sure we throughly research each and every application. We look at the quality of your products, where they are made, the appearance of your stall display and whether the stall matches our target market/ key customers.

Why do you charge more for corner stalls?
This stall type can be popular at our markets. Corner spots may allow greater product exposure which may convert to more sales. By charging a fee it also allows us to fairly assign stalls and manage requests. Once accepted you can upgrade your stall booking at the checkout page!

How do your non-marquee table stalls work?
At Coorparoo Square we are fortunate to have many undercover positions for non marquee/ table only stalls, that line the inside of the precinct - you simply need to bring your table/s.
At Gasworks however this is a 100% outdoor market - for most the year except Winter we trade in the evenings meaning we are able to offer a dozen small stalls suitable to a table only with no impact of sun damage. There is no coverage from rain and wind, which is a risk the stall holder must assess before setting up.
Fish Lane table stall are under the railway pass, this means they are in majority covered from weather however there may be periods of some sun.
Portside is an open air precinct the table only stalls are subject to wind and some areas light sun.

Are there any restrictions on marquee colour?
We do not allow branded marquees at the markets.
Some locations only allow black, white and navy - or some only allow white. Ensure you check this on the application form before applying! It will be clear about which location has colour restrictions

If I have traded with you before am I guaranteed a stall at all future markets?
Unfortunately no, we have four seasons a year to allow us to assess new vendors too - this way we always have an exciting changing line-up. There are some categories that can get very competitive and book out at the very start of a season. Where this happens we still encourage everyone to apply as we move to waitlists.

What are the stall sizes?
Coorparoo Square offers either outdoor 3x3m or indoor table only 2mx1m
Gasworks offers only outdoor - either 3x3m marquee or table only 2mx1m with no cover
South City Square offers only indoor - either 2.5mx2.5m or table only 2mx1m
Fish Lane offers - semi undercover stalls 2mx1m table only or 3x3m marquees
Portside offers - semi undercover stalls 2mx1m table only or 3x3m marquees

I am a brand new business, how do I go about applying?
If you are just starting out and don't have an extensive online presence, in addition to completing our online application form you will need to send us photos of your products via email. It is also important to provide a detailed description of your stall layout in the application form. If you do not provide this and we cannot find any information/photos online we cannot assess your application. We do not recommend applying until you have designed your stall layout and taken images of your products, therefore answering these questions should not be a problem. Proactive applicants do mock ups at home of their stall design. Please do not contact us asking for an exemption, we need to see your stall set-up to approve your business.

How do I pay for a stall?
We have a completely online system for managing bookings and payments. Once accepted into the markets you will receive details of our payment hub. You either can pay upfront $80+ GST x how many markets you are approved for OR
2 fortnightly instalments per market you have been approved for. 

Refund policy - if we cancel
There will be no refunds issued should The Market Folk events be cancelled in advance due to reasons of emergency, danger, weather conditions, thunderstorms, severe wind, heatwaves, safety, health concerns (this includes COVID19), or other reasons that are not in reasonable control of the The Market Folk organisers. We do offer a 50% of stall fee to be issued as a credit. See www.themarketfolk.com.au/terms-conditions for more details.

In general we are not an all weather market, if it is going to be wet/extremely windy the markets may not go ahead. Should the markets be cancelled by our management in advance due to unsafe weather conditions, a 50% credit of the stall fee shall be applied to a future market date. If the weather deteriorates throughout the event you will not be entitled to a refund or credit. This is the risk of markets with outdoor stalls.

Should a stall holder voluntarily cancel a market date due to weather no credits or refunds will be issued.

Refund policy - If vendor cancels
If you can no longer attend and give more than 72 hours notice we can issue you a 50% off coupon which can be applied in the following season's markets.

Why are we unable to provide refunds?
We understand each market differs in their refund policy, in our case we have costs occurred to us whether the market goes ahead or not, market day is just a portion of the labour carried out by our team - in this way we cannot simply provide refunds for bad weather or change or mind.

Can I book month to month for cashflow?
Yes you can, although we do not encourage this as most markets do sell out in advance. 

Do I have to have insurance?
Yes insurance is mandatory for all business stalls. The Market Folk at this stage does not extend cover to our stall holders however we can recommend some options if you need.

Can I share a stall?
In most cases we don't prefer shared stalls. If you are serious about owning a market stall you need to consider your own branding, layout and investment into your business. Sharing with another stall no matter how much it compliments your range may be a good starting place but we urge you to consider working towards hosting your own stall. If you are found to be hosting another business who has not applied you will be issued with a warning (yes we see you 'stockists'!). 

Do you have equipment I can hire?
We do not hire any equipment out, vendors need to have their own marquees, tables etc

Is power available to vendors?
No, power is not available at our venues.

Is water available to fill my marquee legs?
Please do not fill your marquee legs onsite.

Twilight Market lighting?
Power is not available to us or stall holders at our Gasworks Twilight markets. We host 40 stalls at this location with many layout variations. All stalls use high voltage battery powered lighting. We reccomend looking at Bunnings 'work lights' as these are small in size, can clip to a marquee and last for many hours on battery supply.

Frequently asked questions

To ensure our line-ups are consistently filled with high quality creative businesses we are looking for the following:

- Unique and locally designed products
- If some of your products are made overseas we will be asking what the environment is like for your manufacturing process
- Creative and original work
- A cohesive brand and range 
- Clean stall design, brownie points for those investing in custom signage or displays
- We love white or black marquees
- Overall presentative and professionalism including online
- Quality of your business matches the aesthetic of our markets and level of professionalism that our shoppers expect
- Products that aren't already in saturation in our marketplace
- Visual Merchandising is well thought out, i.e stying beyond basic trestles with a un ironed white tablecloth and some products scattered around. We need to see you have invested thought into your sales conversion


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